Pisces Journey on 19 May, 2017

Pisces The lord of the day is Venus as Friday comes under its lordship. Venus favors the South-East direction. Moon is placed in a watery sign and it makes the North direction auspicious.

In practice the two directions are in contrast to each other, however Moon is considered a stronger factor for journey and the North direction supports you. Regarding other directions, you need to take adequate remedial measures to make your journey successful.

Drink unboiled and fresh milk before starting your journey. Chant mantras of Shukra, female goddess or Lord Vasudeva. Also worship Tulsi plant and chew some of its leaves or simply keep them with you while on the journey. Kindness and a peaceful mind will remove all hurdles from the path of your journey.

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Vedic Astrology says that if you start the journey on a favrable day in the favorable direction then you will get a better outcome and better experience during the journey itself.

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