Daily Chogadia


What is Chogadia?

The Chogadia system divides the day into auspicious and inauspicious units. It is considered lucky to start any new thing in the auspicious time and the unlucky Chogadia are generally to be avoided for doing important work.

Jyotish says that the unlucky Chogadias should be rejected for starting any new project or a journey. The Chogadia is very popular in Gujarat.

The Chogadia may change from city to city (depending on sunrise) so please make sure you are filling in the details of your city to get the correct Chogadia time.

Chogadia For 10 December, 2018

Start Time End Time Chogadia Details
6:43:19 AM 8:3:52 AM Amrit Auspicious Chogadia
8:3:52 AM 9:24:25 AM Kaal Inauspicious Chogadia
9:24:25 AM 10:44:57 AM Shubh Auspicious Chogadia
10:44:57 AM 12:5:30 AM Rog Inauspicious Chogadia
12:5:30 PM 13:26:2 PM Udveg Inauspicious Chogadia
13:26:2 PM 14:46:35 PM Chara Auspicious Chogadia
14:46:35 PM 16:7:7 PM Laabh Auspicious Chogadia
16:7:7 PM 17:27:39 PM Amrit Auspicious Chogadia
17:27:39 PM 19:7:7 PM Chara Auspicious Chogadia
19:7:7 PM 20:46:35 PM Rog Inauspicious Chogadia
20:46:35 PM 22:26:2 PM Kaal Inauspicious Chogadia
22:26:2 PM 24:5:30 PM Laabh Auspicious Chogadia
0:5:30 AM 1:44:57 AM Udveg Inauspicious Chogadia
1:44:57 AM 3:24:25 AM Shubh Auspicious Chogadia
3:24:25 AM 5:3:52 AM Amrit Auspicious Chogadia
5:3:52 AM 6:43:19 AM Chara Auspicious Chogadia

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