Due to weak planets in the ‘Laal Kitaab’, it is difficult to find good results. To get good results, many measures have been given to strengthen the weak planet. If the person follows these measures, then he will get good results in ‘Laal;
The fifth house in the Red Book gives out information on the lucky and unlucky results. Through this you can analyse what mixed results you might receive in your life. The Red Book is basically to show your success and failures through the;
Moon and Venus In the third house of Lal Kitab Kundali, Moon’s relation with Venus generates certain hobbits in the native. During this period, you will try to use your hidden skills and talents to display your abilities to everyone. You;
Ketu And Sun Ketu placed with Sun in the second house of lal kitab is not considered to be an auspicious placement for native. This position of Sun in the kandli cause lack of radiance and support from the father’s end. The person works;
Mercury And Sun When Mercury and Sun are present together in the second house of lal kitab, the native is blessed with a great blend of intelligence and wisdom. Mercury placed with Sun is considered to be a highly auspicious placement in;
Rahu and Sun The auspiciousness of Sun depreciates when placed with Rahu in the first house of lal kitab. This placement can also create eclipse. Rahu placed with Sun in the first house of lal kitab is not considered an auspicious;
Ketu and Sun Ketu placed with the Sun in the first house of lal kitab can make a native mysterious in life. His business choices and lifestyle seems like a mystery to many people. This placement can cause delays in the life of native. He;