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Your Baby's Sun Sign - Learn What it Says

Lagna Ascendant

Your little darling is already displaying prominent characteristics of his or her Sunsign even when she's too young to walk. Learn how your baby will behave and how he will shape up so that you can help your child achieve his destiny.

Choose Your Baby's Sunsign

Choose your baby's sunsign from the list below to learn what astrology can reveal! Also learn how to best handle our child so that she's a happy baby and you're a happy parent :).

Choose Your Baby's Sunsign

Aries Baby
aries baby
Mar 19-Apr 18
Taurus Baby
taurus baby
Apr 19-May 19
Gemini Baby
gemini baby
May 20-Jun 19
Cancer Baby
cancer baby
Jun 20-Jul 21
Leo Baby
leo baby
Jul 22-Aug 21
Virgo Baby
virgo baby
Aug 22-Sep 21
Libra Baby
libra baby
Sep 22-Oct 21
Scorpio Baby
scorpio baby
Oct 22-Nov 20
Sagitarius Baby
sagittarius baby
Nov 21-Dec 20
Capricorn Baby
capricorn baby
Dec 21-Jan 18
Aquarius Baby
aquarius baby
Jan 19-Feb 18
Pisces Baby
pisces baby
Feb 18-Mar 18
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