Siddhanta, Samhita and Hora Shastra are the three different pillars of astrology. Out of all these Siddhanta Jyotisha is considered to be the most important. The above 18 saints of the mythical period contributed to the creation of;
Gemstones are wonderful treasures found in minerals. After mining these stones are rough, they have to be chiseled to bring out their true beauty. They have to pass through several stages of refining so that they can be used in;
Ekadashi Tithi is the eleventh date of a lunar month. A lunar month has 30 days and Ekadashi occurs twice in a month. One in Krishna Paksha and one in Shukla Paksha. This Tithi has more importance than other Tithis. Ekadashi Fast;
Amavasya Tithi denotes darkness. The Moon is not seen at all and there is total darkness. On this Tithi, Diyas are lighted at various places such as the gate of the house, at crossings, near tanks, and rivers sides. This is an old;
When a child takes birth in a family, a birth chart or horoscope is made. The Yogas formed in a horoscope are ascertained. Other than auspicious or inauspicious Yogas, Dhan or finance Yogas are also considered for analysis. After all;
The currently available history of astrology is found in the scriptures written by Aryabhatta Pratham. Aryabhatta has even specified about the astrologers before his time. The names of all the scriptures written by the astrologers of that;
There are some Yogas which form in such a way that they give good results in a Vipreet (contrary) Yoga. This means that troubles will be there but relief will also come. Saral Yoga is one such Yoga which is formed in a Vipreet situation.;
This is an important Yoga formed with Sun. Vashi Yoga is auspicious and its formation in a horoscope brings positivity and auspiciousness in the native’s life. The native gets good results from the Lord Sun. There are three Yogas formed;
Rishi Narad was a great follower of Lord Vishnu. Rishi Narad wrote Jyotish scriptures and corrected several anomalies. Other than this he wrote Vaishnav Puran and, according to Narad Puran whoever learns this gets absolved of his/her sins.;
Just like it’s name, this yoga is beautiful & auspicious. The person with Hans yoga is intelligent & knowledgeable. He has the special quality of doing justice. And just like a swan, he behaves in a good manner. Satvik properties are found;
Kartik month is the 8th month of the hindu calendar. The scriptures also say that there is no other month like Kartik. Kartik month starts when the Sun transits in Libra sign. The importance of Kartik month can be found in ‘Skanda Purana’,;
In the history of astrology, after Vrahmir & Brahmagupta, there is no other astrologer as influential & talented as Bhaskar Acharya Shastri. He gained his earlier knowledge about astrology from his father at home. Bhaskaracharya comes;
Yav (Yavya) yoga comes under the category of Nabhasa Yoga. It is also one of the auspicious yogas. This yoga has a mixed impact on the life of the native. During Yavya yoga, the planets are situated in the form of flying birds in;
Ubhayachari Yoga is one of the Suryadi Yoga. It is one of the auspicious yogas. One of the qualities of Ubhayachari yogas is, that they don't involve Rahu-Ketu & Moon. This yoga helps in giving strength to Sun. The native gets leadership;
Rishi Atri is one of the 18 saints in the astrology. It is believed that Rishi Atri was born through Lord Brahma. Lord Krishna is considered as the descendant of Rishi Atri. After many generations, Lord Shri Krishna was born in the family;