During the Hindu month, the Ekadasi date is considered very important. And in that nirjala ekadasi has been given special importance. Ekadasi date is considered dear to Lord Krishna. On the day of ekadasi it is advised to worship Lord;
Peridot is the mineral olivine of gems. This gemstone has iron content so its color is green. It also has the hue of golden yellow color. It is available in green color l ike olive. Peridot is of green, yellow or lemon color. It is a soft;
Astrology has become a a diversified subject. To make the predictions accurate and to the point various methods and systems have been developed by great Intellectuals and Astrologers. The prominent system of prediction is through 1.Janam;
This sub-stone is found in light pink color with a hue of light yellow. The best substitute is the one having light pink color. Rose Quartz is known as the symbol of love. People who lack love in their married should wear this substitute.;
Lapis Lazuli is the substitute of Blue Sapphire (gemstone of Saturn). This sub-stone is explained according to the stars of sky. It is blue in color and contains various kinds of blue color hue. Spots of white and yellow color can be found;
Every person is born with different auspicious and inauspicious Yogas. These Yogas and Dasha provide a person with positive as well as negative results. The planets involved in these Yogas provide a person with the respective results based;
Bheri Yoga is formed when the Ascendant, Jupiter and Venus are in the centre from each other and the ninth house is strong or when Venus is in the first, second, seventh or twelfth house from Mercury and the tenth house is strong. This;
The gemstone has been named after Sinhala.Cylon Island was known as Sinhla or Sinhli in Sanskrit.Presently this is the ancient name of Sri-Lanka. Because this gem is found on this island , it is known as Sinhalite gemstone.This gemstone;
Garga Rishi is one of the important 18 Saints of astrology. Rishi Garga has majourly contributed in  VastuShastra and Ayurveda. Garga Purana describes the rules of astrology in detail.    Rishi Garga , composed a Garga;
Pisces people are compassionate and spiritual. They have a fear of God. They are even superstitious. People are under this sign are usually patient, intuitive and caring. They are also hesitant in some situations but are always ready to;
In a financial year, to see the ups and down in the field of profession according to astrology, we need to analyse the Yoga (combinations), Dasha and Gochar (transit). According to astrology, Yoga give fruits only on combining with its;
Astrology plays an important role in career planing and opting the right career stream. As per Cicero “It is fortune, not wisdom that rules man’s life” Also it is said that “Fate knocks the door. it is upto us to;
In astrology, sun is known to be the agent or representative of a father. Along with this, it is also the house of representative of the soul. In the livelihood of an individual, it becomes the presentor of the position of the centre and;
This Uparatna is usually found in variations of Yellow and Golden colours. This is a translucent stone which seems familiar to topaz. This Uparatna was worn first used by the people of Greek in ancient times after which it became rare for;
Ashwini Nakshatra is one of the 27 Nakshatras described in astrology scriptures. The planetary lord of this Nakshatra is Ketu and comes under the category of Gandamool Nakshatra . Ketu is a mysterious planet.The son of God Sun, Ashwini;
In the ancient times, most of the people preferred to analyze Muhurta before to start every tasks, but, in today’s era, people consider Muhurta for only important tasks because nobody is able to discuss their daily routine activities;
The seventh house in Kundali is known as Marriage house or Jaya bhava. This house tells about one’s life partner. Other things that this house is related to are sexual desires, marriage, travel abroad, children, general happiness,;
Onyx is found in many colors. It is of green color , mixture of green and yellow and parrot color. These are the main colors of Oynx. It is also found in white and smoky color. It contains lines of dark and light red, brown,black, white;
Saturn is the most distant planet from the Sun. It completes one revolution in twenty nine years, one hundred and sixty seven days and five hours. Saturn signifies prudence and caution. However, the aspect of Saturn implies obstacles and;
It is the substitute of Chrysoberyl group. In Sanskrit, it is called Hem Ratna and Hemvedurya. It is known as Harshal in Hindi. In nature, it is found in different colors. Specialty of this gems is that it looks green in the day and purple;