In Vedic astrology, auspicious and inauspicious results of Yogas depend on Dasha and Antardasha of different planets. If Dashas of planets involved in auspicious Yogas are active, auspicious results may be maximized. On the other hand, if

Although Vedic astrology talks about a lot of different subjects, but at present every person is curious to know about their professional field after education. If you’re lucky, you will find a suitable profession and excel in it. However,

In our previous webcasts, we have already talked about a lot of different aspects of palmistry. In this webcast, we will talk about certain indications in your palm that provide information about your inclination towards religion and

Until now, we have already discussed a lot of subjects related to Palmistry. In this webcast, we will talk about various aspects of Palmistry which can help a palmist analyse your health. We will discuss all these aspects of Palmistry in

In Vedic astrology, there are a lot of opinions related to Gandamool Nakshatra. However, most of these opinions consider Gandamool Nakshatra to be inauspicious. It is believed that a person born in this Nakshatra is inauspicious or may

Palmistry is like a vast ocean. It is almost impossible to understand its scope and decode everything that has been included in this branch of astrology. In order to make any predictions, it is very important to study everything in detail.

Vastu Shastra is a science which teaches us to be compatible and create a perfect harmony between the five essential elements of nature for enhanced wealth, health, prosperity and happiness. Vaastu has laid down principles for all kinds of

Every person earns an income in one way or another in life. Some people have their own businesses, while others work as employees in jobs. Even when a person work as an employee, he or she constantly desires a promotion to progress in

In modern times, everything related to your profession holds importance. When you are working, you constantly desire a promotion and respect in your job. In this webcast, we will tell you about certain Karak elements related to promotion.

Vaastu Shastra can be defined as the Indian system of architecture and design for buildings. This technique is a blend of both art and science. Each direction and sectors of a house are assigned to different gods and guardians. According

In this webcast, we will try to analyse some matters related to your domestic life through palmistry. Some of us are fortunate as we have the presence and blessings of our parents for most part of our lives. However, there are also some

There is a lot of analysis done in palmistry. A palmist reaches a conclusion only after analysing all the aspects of a hand deeply. The nails of the hands have equal importance as the lines of the hands. Each person has the nails of

Vaastu Shastra has laid down certain rules and principles for every kind of building and spaces. It is always advisable to follow Vaastu guidelines while designing a plan both for personal and commercial spaces. Principles of Vastu Shastra

Palmistry can tell alot about your good and bad qualities. It can provide information about any accident you may be involved in. It can also tell if you will be a violent person. In this webcast, we will talk about such Yogas related to

A business is identified by its name and reputation in the market. Goodwill in the industry or market can be earned by proper construction of office space. Vaastu based orientation and directional method can help you to achieve your

In Vedic astrology, every planet has the ability to give both auspicious and inauspicious results. Results of a planet vary according to its position and state in your Kundali. The state of a planet determines if the planet is weak or not.

In our previous webcasts, we have already discussed a lot of things about various lines on your palms. In this webcast, we will talk about Impatience line, Axe line and Stress line. Impatience line is associated with your ability to work

You must have heard about a Janma Kundali atleast once in your life. Janma Kundali or Janma Patri is able to predict incidents in your life. It explains certain aspects of your life, including auspicious and inauspicious time frames. In

In this webcast, we will talk about certain auspicious and inauspicious signs in palmistry which indicate if you would have good qualities or not. In order to analyse your good qualities, it is important to study Jupiter and Sun mounts.

A skilled palmist can use palmistry to tell a lot about your personality, character and overall life. Almost every aspect of your life can be studied through palmistry. In this webcast, we will use palmistry to determine if you will be