What is Kharmas? Kharmas in not considered auspicious for any form of auspicious tasks, especially marriage. For this reason, it is believed that marriage should be avoided in this period. Let us understand what is the month of Khar. The

According to astrology, this day comes under the category of quiet and calm days. Monday is considered as the symbol of goodness & integrity. This day is associated with Lord Shiva. The natives born on this day receives the auspiciousness

Tithi is an important part of panchang. Fasts and festivals are organized according to Tithi. Sometimes, we see that a festival is being celebrated on 2 days. The main reason behind this is the increase or decrease in a Tithi. Tithi is

Dasha Mahavidya Sadhana is basically done during Gupt Navratri. Dasha Mahavidya holds great importance for mantra sadhana and siddhi. Mantra chanting is of great importance while worshipping a goddess. It is necessary for the worshipper to

In this year, lunar eclipse will be visible in India on 21 January 2019 and 16/17 July 2019. Lunar eclipse on 21 January 2019 will not be visible in India. But that on 16/17 July 2019 will be visible in India. This eclipse will be visible

It is mentioned to worship Lord Durga in gupt navratri. These navratras are not for ordinary people, they are primarily concerned with people related to the field of sadhana and tantras. In these days also, nine forms of goddess are

According to hindu almanac, jyeshtha mas is the third month in the almanac. It has been mentioned, that in this month the person should worship river Ganga and should also bathe in it. The main festivals that come in this month are Ganga

The beginning of Chaitra month’s Pratipada not only means beginning of a new year but also start of Durga Puja. This year 25th March 2020 Chaitra Navratra marks the beginning “Pramadii” which is a ‘Vikram Sawant’ and along with it starts

The time is seen to be very different and auspicious on the day of chaitra purnima and Hanuman Jayanti. It is celebrated every year with great devotion and faith. This year, it would be celebrated on 8th April, 2020 that is Wednesday. On

Dhanteras The festival of Dhanteras will be celebrated on 13th November , 2020. The significant festival of Diwali celebrated by Hindus, begins on the auspicious day of Dhanteras. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm starting

Every year the festival of diwali is celebrated in India with a lot of splendor. Annually it is celebrated in the month of kartik during amavasya (no moon night). After a ten day war with Ravana, Ramji comes back safely to Ayodhya then it

Sharda Navratri fast holds a place of great importance. It signified the faith and belief of people in the power of goddess. Goddess Durga has been worshipped since ancient times. It is believed that Lord Ram worshipped Goddess Durga to

According to Hinduism Krishna Paksha of Ashwin Month is celebrated in the form of Shraddh. Description of Shraddh Sanskar can be found in many religious books of Hinduism. Shraddh Paksha is also known as Mahalaya or Sarva Pitru Paksha.

Before discussing the magnificence of Om, we need to understand its meaning. The sound of Om is omnipresent in the whole universe. Om provides strength to all other words. The sound of Om is a combination of three different sounds. The

In 2020, Varuthini Ekadashi will be observed on 18th April . This fast is observed on the Vaishakh Krishna Paksha. According to a legend mentioned in Padhya Purana, when Yudhishthira asks Lord Krishna about the significance of observing

The Ekadashi of Chaitr Masa Shukla Paksha is called the Kamada Ekadashi. In 2020, the fast of Kamada Ekadasi will be observed on 4 April . As the name defines, Kamada Ekadashi fulfills all the wishes of the person observing fast. All sorts

Goddess Mahagauri is worshipped on the eighth day of Navratri. In 2020, the eighth day of the Navratri will be celebrated on 1st April. In Mahagauri means one clean and bright ray of lightning that lightens the universe. She has the power

Goddess Kalratri is worshipped on the seventh day of Durga Puja. In 2020, the seventh day of Navratri will be celebrated on 31 March, Goddess Kalratri is known to provide auspicious results always to her devotees, thus known as

Goddess Katyayani is worshipped on the sixth day of Navratri. In 2020, Goddess Navratri will be worshipped on 30 March. On this day special bhandaras are organized by people. Worshipping Goddess Katyayani gives instant results and her

Skandmata is the fifth manifestation of goddess Durga. Goddess Skandmata is worshipped on the fifth day of Navratri. In 2020, goddess Skandmata will be worshipped on 29 March, The devotees who worship her with full faith and devotion get