Your Kid’s Horoscope

You get a horoscope for your child the first thing when he or she is born, but everything in the Horoscope is predicted with an adult in mind. What about all the years in the between?

Won’t it be great if you had a horoscope that accounts for all the years while your kid grows up into an adult.

How will your child be? How will he behave? How will his education be? What about relationships with you and the world?

Get answers to all of these through Vedic astrology in this report.

All Astrology Charts & Predictions

Your child’s horoscope has all the charts that are vital to interpreting it. It has also has a detailed interpretation that will give you an insight into your child’s mind and life and help you create a happier childhood for him or her. Your child’s horoscope has.

Your Child’s Horoscope

Avakahada Chakra Ghataka Chakra Favorable Points
Planetary Positions At Birth Lagna Kundali Bhav Chakra
Bhava Chalit Chandra Kundali Surya Kundali
Hora Kundali Drekkana Navamsha
Ashtak Varga Impact of Ascendant Your Child’s Rashi
Impact of Day of Birth Your Child’s Nakshatra Auspicious Name For Your Child
Planets & Their Impact Your Child’s Education Your Child’s Profession
Your Child’s Health Parent’s Health Astrological Remedies

We don’t just give you astrological computation and charts, we also bring you a detailed interpretation of these charts based on the proven scriptures and astrological shastras.

With this horoscope and interpretations you will have a better understanding of your child’s unique personality and be able to mold him or her better.

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