Frequently Asked questions

Q. What are the details needed to generate a birthchart?

Ans. To generate a birth-chart or to peform any astrology related calculation we need your birth place, birth-time and birth date. On the basis of this information we can cast your kundali, calculate the ascendant and the position of the planets in the zodiac.

Q. What if I don't know my date of birth?

Ans.If you don't know your date of birth you can't cast your kundali.

Q. What format will I get the premium reports in?

Ans.The premium reports are in .PDF format. They can be opened in Foxit PDF Reader or Adobe Acrobat Reader . Both these software can be downloaded free.

Q. What kind of astrology do you follow?

Ans. This site follows the principals of Indian astrology. Most of our jyotish is based on the Parashari system. We also adopt newer innovations in Vedic jyotish like the Krishnamurthy jyotish system as well derivatives and offshoots like Jaimini astrology.

The mission of this website is to be a reliable source of REAL Vedic Astrology.

Q. Why can't I see my report in my local language?

Ans. Since the PDF format works very well with different languages we use it for delivering our reports. If however for some reason you are not able to see your report in your language then please contact the technical support department and we will attempt to help you. Sometimes Adobe Acrobat Reader may have some problem in rendering the language document, in that case please try the Foxit PDF Reader .

Q. I didn't get my report in email. What should I do?

Ans. If you have a SPAM detection system enabled on your email account it might put our mail in the JUNK / SPAM mail folder. Please look in these folders. If that still doesn't work please contact the technical support department and they will send the report to another email id.

Q.I lost my report file. How can I get it again?

Every report you bought from the website is saved with us. You can access it any time when you log in. In fact if ever make any enhancement to the report you bought that will be available to you as well. Just log in and check the report from your loginpage.

Q. I love this site. What can I do that will make you happy?

Got a blog? Write about us. Become a fan on your facebook account. Tweet us. Send a message to you friends. Just spread the good word about our website.

Q. Can I get personalised consultation from you?

Now you can!. You can discuss your query with our team and get a personalised anlaysis Click here to discuss, we also have an awfully nice Question (Prashna) report. Do check if the question you need to ask is not already covered by it.

Q. Who can I contact if I want to dicsuss something?

Our customer support department would love to help.

Astrobix Support
Phones: 91-93129 12845, 91-11-26486288/89