Aries Journey on 08 March, 2021

Vedic Panchang

The lord of the day for today is Moon. Its prescribed direction is in middle of the West and North directions, which is called 'Vaayavya Kona'. Moon is in a fiery sign, which makes, the East direction favorable. So, you can travel in the North-East and North directions. Traveling towards South also is not inauspicious. But traveling in the South-East and West may not be beneficial today.

Before starting your journey eat Kheer or Paayas (good quality rice boiled in milk with sugar) for better chances of achieving your goal.

Worshipping Lord Shiva and bowing to your mother before starting your journey may bring positive results, so go ahead and do that if you intend to take a journey today.

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Journey Analysis For You

Are you going to start a new journey today? This analysis will help you discover the prospects of success by checking your rashi with the lord of the weekday.

Vedic Astrology says that if you start the journey on a favrable day in the favorable direction then you will get a better outcome and better experience during the journey itself.