Your Scorpio Baby - Willful Little Tiger!

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Do you see this strong bodied baby with large piercing eyes? Look, how he is staring at you with his unwavering gaze. It is not a façade. Even the youngest of November babies have a will to match their strong bodies.

A Scorpio child will have such enormous energy that just watching him will tire you. Make sure that you channelize it otherwise he might find ways to spend it that does not conform to society.

Do not be fooled by his calm exterior. Even when he seems cool and relaxed, he is burning inside to do something. When he is small enough not to realize it, he will need you to get this bottled up energy out of him.

Scorpion Babies Need to be Disciplined Gently

Your Scorpio will have extreme reactions even to somewhat ordinary disciplining. He will stare at you with his enormous, penetrating eyes if you forbid him to do something. A Scorpio will need firm, but gentle, disciplining because of his willfulness in almost everything.

Scorpio is the sign of extremes. He will love competitions and a tussle with a sibling to demonstrate his strength. You can be sure that any game through which he can display his power will be his favourite. He has to win, especially when there is a power struggle. Lessons of sharing and compromise should be taught early to a Scorpio because of this tendency.

Even when a Scorpio loses, he will not consider himself a loser, but will wait for an opportunity when he can regain his supremacy. Compromise does not come to them naturally, so teach him that losing and winning is a part of life and that he should take the losses in his stride along with the wins.

Your Scorpio Child Puts The Family First

Your Scorpio will be tremendously loyal to his family. Any threat to his loved ones will make him jump to their defense without seeking his own safety. They act on instinct, which makes it difficult for them to judge wrong from right. Frequent lessons will one day make them realize their mistakes. A Scorpio will remember your teachings even after forty years, so even if he does not act on it now, you can be sure that your efforts have not gone waste.

To people who are not in their chosen circle, they can be downright impolite, even cruel. Yet, they will be acutely conscious and sympathetic towards the weak and ill. A gentle, loving touch from your November tot will heal your pain. A Scorpio will never turn his back on a friend in need. Even the tiniest of November tots can be seen giving out his share of food to the hungry.

Your Scorpio might not top the class, but his brilliant mind absorbs information in a flash. Give him lots of books on various subjects to engage his remarkable imagination.

Scorpio Children Love Mysteries

When you have misplaced the house keys or your favourite ring, call your Scorpio at once. Your little detective will find it sooner than you think. Along with the keys, he will also find your love letters, souvenirs from former lovers and everything else that you have been hiding. Keeping them out of his reach will not do because that is a challenge that he really loves.

Your Scorpio child will love anything out of this world or hidden from the world. Magic, mysteries, fantasy will fascinate him. He is forever looking beneath the surface to find the truth. Normalcy and moderation will irritate his volcanic nature.

He will respect authority only if he thinks they deserve to be called authority. Excellent teachers and mentors will get his loyalty for a lifetime. If he includes you in his special circle, you are sure to receive the best from a Scorpio, always and forever.

Give your Little Scorpio a Target to Achieve

Although a Scorpio will not display happiness over a compliment, and may even ignore it (remember his need to hide his real self), be sure that he is contentedly basking in the warmth of your love, hidden from almost everybody.

From very early, direct a Scorpio child towards a profession that interests him. Although he is his own master and may not like interference, it will keep him away from self-destructive tendencies and will give him a goal to achieve.

He will have a strong attraction towards fire, liquor and drugs, especially if he has an emotionally deprived childhood. A happy Scorpio will keep this inclination in check through his extraordinary will. It is true that only he can master himself, but he needs your attention and care to let him do that.

Scorpio Kids Work Hard for Their Goals

It will be hard for you to gulp down that your first grade Scorpio has a crush. He will be attracted to the opposite sex much earlier than most children. Teach him that responsibility comes with emotional attachments and he will be careful.

Once your Scorpio has decided what he wants to do, he will show stupendous determination to make his dream come true. A Scorpio child can toil the whole night to complete the science project that has caught his fancy. He will overcome every obstacle with graceful effortlessness. Once he has completed the project, it will become a symbol of his pride for him. Try criticizing it and . . . Oh no, do not even try.

Characteristics of Scorpio Children

Scorpio Infants

  • Magnetic
  • Stubborn
  • Strong
  • Instinctive
  • Independent
  • Energetic
  • Caring
  • Intuitive
  • Determined

Scorpio Adolescents

  • Physically active
  • Loyal
  • Somewhat prejudiced
  • Helpful especially to the weak and sick
  • Romantic
  • Honest
  • Manipulative
  • Determined
  • Stubborn
  • Independent
  • Wise

How you can best handle your Scorpio

  • Teach him mutual respect
  • Give him physical activities to release his energy
  • Need constant, firm, but gentle disciplining
  • Channelize his energies towards a positive goal
  • Encourage him to dream big and work hard

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