Hindu Boy names that begin with the letter 'l'

Here is a list of Hindu names for Boys that begin
with the alphabet 'l'.

Name Meaning
Laabh Profit
Laalamani Ruby
Laavanya Beauty
Lahar Wave
Lakhan Lord Rama's brother
Laksh Aim, target
Lakshan Aim
Lakshanya One who achieves
Lakshman Brother of Lord Rama
Lakshmidhar Lord Vishnu
Lakshmigopal Lord Vishnu
Lakshmikant Vishnu, husband of Goddess Lakshmi
Lakshmikant Husband of Lakshmi
Lakshminaray Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu together
Lakshminath Lord Vishnu
Lakshmipati Husband of Lakshmi
Lakshmiraman Lord Vishnu
Lakshya Target
Lalam Jewel
Lalan Nurturing
Lalchand Red moon
Lalchand Red moon
Lalchandra Red moon
Lalit Name of Lord Krishna, attractive
Lalit Lovely, fine
Lalitaditya Beautiful sun
Lalitchandra Beautiful moon
Lalitesh God of beauty, husband of a beautiful wife
Lalitkishore Beautiful
Lalitkumar Beautiful
Lalitlochan One with beautiful eyes
Lalitmohan Beautiful and attractive
Lambodar Lord Ganesh
Laniban Lord Shiva
Lankesh Ravana
Larraj A sage
Lav Son of Lord Rama, fragment
Lavitra Lord Shiva
Layak Capable
Lekh Document Likhit
Liladhar Lord Vishnu
Lochan Bright eyes
Lohendra Lord of three worlds
Lohit Red, made of copper, Mars
Lohitaksha Lord Vishnu
Lohitashwa One with red horse, Fire
Lokakriti Creator of the World.
Lokanetra Eye of the world
Lokapujya Worshipped by the Universe. A name for Lord Hanuman
Lokbhushan Ornament of the world
Lokesh Lord Brahma
Loknaath Lord of the world
Lokpradeep Gautam Budha
Lokprakash Light of the world
Lokranjan Lord Vishnu
Lomash A sage
Lukesh King of the empire
Luv Rama's twin son