Hindu Girl names that begin with the letter 'c'

Name Meaning
Cauvery Same as Kavery-name of a river
Chaaya Shadow
Chahna Love
Chairavali Full moon of Chaitra month
Chaitali Born in the Chaitra month
Chaitaly Name of an ancient city
Chaitanya Divine radiance
Chaitra 1st month in Indian calendar, beginning
Chakori Alert
Chakrika Lakshmi
Chalama Goddess Parvati
Chaman Garden
Chameli A creeper with flowers
Champa A flower
Champakmala Garland of Champa flowers
Chanchal Active
Chanchala Unsteady, Lakshmi
Chanchari Bird, vortex of water,
Chanda Moon
Chandan Sandlewood
Chandana Sandal wood
Chandani Star
Chandi Great Goddess
Chandika Goddess Durga
Chandini Star
Chandra Moon
Chandrabha Moon- light
Chandrabhaga River Chenab in India
Chandrajyoti Moon- light
Chandrakala Phases of the moon
Chandrakali 1/16th of the moon
Chandrakanta Wife of the moon (night)
Chandrakanti Moon light
Chandraki Peacock
Chandralekha Ray of moon
Chandramukhi One with a moon like face
Chandraprabh Star, moon light
Chandrapushp Star
Chandrika Moonlight
Chandrima Moon
Chane Name of a god, dependability
Chapala Quick, lightening
Chara Quiet and Frisky
Charita Good
Charmaine Song
Charu Beautiful, attractive
Charulata Beautiful creeper
Charulekha Beautiful picture
Charumati A beautiful lady
Charunetra One with beautiful eyes
Charusheela Beautiful Jewel
Charvi Beautiful
Chashmum My eyes
Chatura Smart, wise
Chaunta One who outshines the stars
Chayla Consciousness
Chayla Consciousness
Chetana Consciousness
Chetna Power of intellect; Alert
Chhavi Reflection
Chhavvi Image, radiance
Chhaya Shadow
Chinmayi Blissful
Chintamani Meditation
Chintamani Meditation
Chintanika Meditation
Chitra Picture, a nakshatra
Chitragandha A fragrant material
Chitrakshi Colourful eyes
Chitralekha As beautiful as a picture
Chitrali Line of pictures
Chitrangada Name of Arjun's wife
Chitrani River Ganga
Chitrathi A Bright Chariot
Chitrita Beautiful, decorated
Chunni A star