Sun Sign Compatibility for Virgo Man And Scorpio

Virgo Man & Scorpio Woman

Loyalty and deep thinking are often found with this pair. They can become absorbed strongly in each other and shut out others including the rest of the world. They are not great party-goers and prefer a close and loving relationship with their partner for life.

They want different things but their search for their ideal world brings them together on the journey to succeed. Virgo likes everything to be neat and tidy and Scorpio is a fan of power. They have other differences too. Virgo can be secretive and withdrawn while Scorpio speaks out and says exactly what they think.

But as both are keen on charity and helping others less fortunate than most, this appreciation of others is a binding element in their own partnership. Resolving disputes too is less of a problem because both are willing to compromise and meet the other half way in order to get things smoothed over.

Scorpio is intense and passionate and Virgo is attracted to a person with these qualities. In turn, Scorpio appreciates the loyalty and practical nature of Virgo.

In some ways they approach life from a different angle but the key to their successful romance and life together is to work together to achieve a common goal. They are both industrious and when they join forces, nothing can stop them now.