Sun Sign Compatibility for Virgo Man And Pisces

Virgo Man & Pisces Woman

There is a terrific symmetry to this pair. They both enjoy the finer things in life. They both like structure and order. They both like aesthetics. They are indeed well balanced. Liking and enjoying the same things does a lot for any relationship.

There is no problem about mutual admiration as both signs are very keen on the other. Pisces has more intuition and dreams whereas Virgo is the model planner with everything in order and done according to a well laid plan.

There is a gentle quality to the sign of Pisces. Virgo can often come to appreciate the kindness and dream-like quality of the fish who, in turn, will appreciate the solid base and well ordered home life and lifestyle of Virgo.

They do have different ways of looking at life and when each appreciates the other’s point of view and philosophy, they can learn from one another and grow both as individuals and as a team.

Pisces is a great connector with others and Virgo will enjoy having some fanciful thoughts introduced into their otherwise fairly plain way of living. Neither sign is too set in their ways to not change and adapt when necessary.

And it is this flexibility and empathy with the other which gives their relationship strength and helps it overcome any problems which may arise.