Sun Sign Compatibility for Virgo Man And Gemini

Virgo Man & Gemini Woman

The key here is patience as Gemini with its twin approaches to life and love can be too much for the steady as she goes Virgo. It takes time to understand how the other thinks and how they like to be wooed. Rushing in where angels fear to tread is likely to end in tears. What may be a bumpy road at first can become a smooth path if only the partners give it time.

Virgo is super practical and likes planning and is critical of those who are not serious. Gemini is flighty and shifts ground at the drop of a hat. Hardly the basis for a perfect match. That’s where time and patience comes into play. By understanding the different attitudes each possesses, they can learn from one another and grow as a couple.

Virgo is so reliable and able to be trusted, Gemini should learn to trust. Virgo by turn should see the whimsical and light-hearted joy of Gemini’s take on life and learn to live and let live.

Virgo is as much a giver as a taker but still needs to be thanked. Gemini would do well to remember that everyone needs to know they are appreciated and Virgo is a classic case of someone who appreciates being appreciated.