Sun Sign Compatibility for Virgo Man And Capricorn

Virgo Man & Capricorn Woman

An interesting combination with Virgo being practical and level-headed and Capricorn having a never-say-die approach to life. Both signs take a realistic approach to most things. Neither is a dreamer. Capricorn is an intense and emotional person and Virgo pays great attention to detail. Neither will be hoodwinked by false claims of love by the other.

They have a great chance of success because they are rooted in reality and they don’t allow sudden impulses to rule their life. There is a certain stability in their goals and the methods of achieving same that gives this pair a super strong foundation. Troubles in life don’t have too great an impact because they are so solid and reliable.

It is common for this pair to share a life of romantic and domestic happiness.

They would both rather hold out for exactly what they want – which is usually the best – rather than accept second-best. They work hard and many hours to set themselves up financially. They have tremendous energy to reach their goals and take much delight in helping one another. Most couples have problems along life’s way and this pair is no exception. They are distinguished though by the fact they are so well suited and their problems seem few and far between. When problems do occur, their mutual desire to get on well soon removes the disagreements.

Powerful dedication to each other equals happiness and love.