Sun Sign Compatibility for Virgo Man And Cancer

Virgo Man & Cancer Woman

In the romance stakes, this pair are two slow starters but certainly both are stayers and will last the course. Both are keen on setting long-term goals and have the determination and ability to achieve their goals. These are not fly by night operators. Neither wants a quick thrill and then move to the next conquest. They are serious and professional in their approach to life and love.

Virgo is intelligent and practical while Cancer is a home-loving and practical person. A great combination.

There are danger spots with this couple. Cancer can be over-sensitive and inclined to go quiet. Virgo can show splashes of sarcasm which will sting Cancer. Both are not likely to allow their disappointment to last forever and so mending these minor spats is often just a matter of time.

Cancer tends to be dominated by their emotions with Virgo having an intellectual approach to matters. Another interesting combination which if handled well has great potential for growth and happiness.

Their greatest strength is definitely their joint desire to achieve success. Both highly regard a stable home life and loyalty to each other. Virgo is a great one for helping and with Cancer’s fine family-orientated goals, Virgo loves to lend a hand in seeing everything turns out well.