Sun Sign Compatibility for Virgo Man And Aquarius

Virgo Man & Aquarius Woman

This is a delicate balance because if the pairing works it will work well. If it doesn’t work then there may be debris upon the ground. We have the practical Virgo and the not-so-practical Capricorn. We have the down-to-earth Virgo and the poet with their head in the clouds Capricorn.

The excellent potential for their romantic success lies in the fact that if both accepts the other and allows the different traits to be developed without hindrance, things will go really well. That’s when the appreciation kicks in and the romance takes off. Some couples allow their differences to become a positive force for their friendship. The differences don’t separate but rather bring the couple closer together.

As this happens each sign sees the sacrifice being made by the other and their love for their partner grows and grows.

The passion of Aquarius can be a wonderful surprise for the more conservative and methodical Virgo. Aquarius is never one for doing things in an orderly way but can appreciate the sense and sensibility provided by Virgo. It’s a heady mix when both agree to allow the other to do their own thing.

The beauty of this happy pairing is the growth in knowledge and experience each brings to the other. They improve as individuals and this in turn makes their union so much better.