Sun Sign Compatibility for Taurus Man And Virgo

Taurus Man & Virgo Woman

Is this the perfect match? Possibly. Can this pair fall in love at first sight? Often. They get along famously and well. They suit each other. Okay Virgo is fussy and into nitpicking but that’s something Taurus can tolerate.

But the attention to detail side of Virgo is good for Taurus. Better attention to romance, to diet and to business and artistic matters can only be good for the steady and reliable Taurus. Just be prepared for the temper of Virgo who, when roused, can throw a tantrum as good as anyone.

Virgo is not a fast starter so Taurus should not expect a quick development to any partnership even if feelings are running high from the off. Then with Taurus being stubborn you might think they’ll never get things happening. But in the long run they both want the same thing and admire each other’s characteristics.

Virgo is quick to learn and has abundant understanding. This suits Taurus who loves to be loved and to teach their partner how to do so.

Both signs enjoy luxury and working towards a goal with their partner. If Virgo can gently remove the stubbornness from Taurus this relationship can be overwhelmingly successful.