Sun Sign Compatibility for Taurus Man And Taurus

Taurus Man & Taurus Woman

You will find it hard to make a better, more stable pairing than a Taurus with another Taurus. They are into loyalty big time and so have each other to care for and love with fidelity being a top priority.

Their good points are great points and having luxuries, albeit small ones showered upon them, make the recipient doubly happy.

Taureans can really have it good and that is why they must at all costs avoid disagreements. They are on such a good wicket that to lose their love or spoil their partnership would be crazy.

There is so much to admire in their romance. To start with they both love to take their time when wooing. This means the build-up can be exquisitely enjoyable. They can delight in each other’s senses and sensuality.

A Taurus has great will power and staying power. Their romances are both powerful and long-lasting. They love the good things in life and the high life itself. They can indulge in pleasure knowing their partner will enjoy exactly the same sort of things.

Having a strong and stable relationship is good because that’s the hallmark of a Taurean. They dislike change and discontent. Of course they may disagree and this can cause problems because a Taurean never likes to back down.

But if you’re looking for a permanent and pleasurable partnership, put two Taureans together.