Sun Sign Compatibility for Taurus Man And Sagittarius

Taurus Man & Sagittarius Woman

These two signs need to be careful. Their romance can be fantastic but knowing how the other operates is a great way to save a crash along the way. Taurus is not keen to rush into things and prefers to build a romance bit by bit. Sagittarius loves meeting new people and doing new things. Taurus needs security and loyalty and Sagittarius may at first not be prepared to settle down.

It’s about getting the balance just right. Sagittarius can add spark and excitement to Taurus who can offer the joy and satisfaction of the home and hearth. What a combination when each adds their own style to the other.

Taurus likes order and stability whereas Sagittarius is keen on travel and adventure. If these desires are not re-arranged or adapted, trouble is on the horizon. If the desires are channeled to help one another, blue skies beckon.

As soon as Taurus feels safe and believes they have security, they will be happy. The secret is adjustment. You can never force one sign to become the other. Learn what each wants and needs and adjust accordingly. That way brings good health and happiness.

Patience is big plus too. Taurus has certain demands and the adventurous Sagittarius can meet them and still be happy.