Sun Sign Compatibility for Taurus Man And Gemini

Taurus Man & Gemini Woman

Good communication is vital in all relationships but never more so with this couple. Taurus tends to be possessive and Gemini can be of two minds. This can spell trouble. The key is for Taurus to allow Gemini the freedom to have their own opinion and ideas and both can then not feel threatened.

They clash in other ways though. Taurus is more solid than the flighty Gemini. Taurus takes a practical and down-to-earth approach to life. Gemini tends to be more intellectual. They need that magical balance of giving and sharing their hopes and dreams.

Taurus loves love and romance and Gemini can be hot or cold. The key is understanding. Taurus needs to appreciate the sharp mind of a Gemini who, in turn, needs to appreciate the sensual nature of Taurus.

We have the planner and thinker in Taurus while Gemini is much more the instant decision making person. Gemini can go with the flow while Taurus is still weighing up the good and bad points of the idea.

With Taurus tending to settle on one idea and see it through, you have problems with Gemini who flits from one topic to the next often without seeing things through to completion. Patience from both is the key.