Sun Sign Compatibility for Taurus Man And Cancer

Taurus Man & Cancer Woman

This is close to a perfect pair. Taurus and Cancer are both caring and nurturing people. They like a nice quiet night in, rather than hit the night spots and paint the town red. Their favorite characteristic in a relationship is security and they don’t stint on spoiling their partner.

Taurus prefers an elegant courtship where music plays an important role. Taureans want long-lasting and stable relationships. Once safely ensconced in a loving relationship, Taurus will bed down for the long haul and these two can enjoy a long and loving life together. They also match up well in business and matters artistic.

Taurus does have a tendency to want their own way which can result in Cancer getting the hump. A sulking Cancerian does not a happy person make. Cancer is a sensitive soul and Taurus must be aware of that and tread kindly in response.

One interesting trait is that both partners enjoy their own company as opposed to mixing with others. They are easy to entertain with just each other at the party.

There is a fine balance. Cancer is sensitive and open to mood swings. These changes may annoy Taurus who responds and this response may hurt Cancer who wants sympathy, tea and crumpets. The secret is to look after one another.