Sun Sign Compatibility for Taurus Man And Aries

Taurus Man & Aries Woman

This is almost the best combination. It’s a mix of love and passion. The secret is the speed of the relationship. There’s the loving but conservative Taurus who prefers a gradual development of the romance plus the passionate and impatient Aries who is rearing to go. But Taurus resists change and needs to be wooed.

The beauty of this mix is that both can learn from the other. Taurus can loosen up and learn to grab life by the scruff of the neck. Aries can learn to be less flighty and more responsible. It’s a heady mix of excitement and reliability, of passion and love.

One tip is for Aries to assure Taurus that Aries will not stray. Once the reliable Taurus is sure of the fidelity of Aries, Taurus can start to loosen up and move more willingly into the romance. But remember that Taurus is a rock solid stickler for their point of view and Aries will never win a slanging match. It is much better to use charm and finesse.

These signs make for a difficult match and any relationship can end abruptly. The secret is to make concessions, to bend to the other’s needs and wishes. If they get the balance right, it’s a wonderful pairing.

‘Patience is a virtue’ has never been more true in making a Taurus and Aries partnership work and work well.