Sun Sign Compatibility for Scorpio Man And Scorpio

Scorpio Man & Scorpio Woman

Here you have two of the most lively and passionate people in the Zodiac. They don’t stint in their efforts to make love, prove a point and pursue a goal. They tend to rush into things and have been said to be almost crazy in their devil-may-care attitude.

Because of the speed and the intensity of their behavior, this pairing could have the most wonderful happiness or fall over with wounded pride littered across the floor.

They each give an intensity to their relationships and are capable of expressing deep and abiding love. If a Scorpio loves a Scorpio and is loved in return, it will take nothing short of an almighty incident to interrupt their passion. Nothing else will be heard or seen through the Scorpio fireworks display.

There is no such thing as a half measure with Scorpio. When they commit, they do so with their whole heart with the intention of going on living and loving for eternity.

This may introduce the element of danger because the union could become a test of wills. A Scorpio will not easily lie down and quit. They will fight to the bitter end so unless the two partners are mindful of their determination, the tussle could be pretty fierce. Know your partner’s characteristics and be prepared to yield, albeit slightly, to avoid any head-to-head conflict.

But if a Scorpio clicks with a Scorpio, stand well back because of the intensity of their feelings. It can be pretty darn hot.