Sun Sign Compatibility for Scorpio Man And Libra

Scorpio Man & Libra Woman

Scorpio is a black and white person who can be intense and get a bit lost in their own emotional tangles. Libra, on the other hand, is a well-balanced person who enjoys fair weather sailing. They are an interesting couple who get on well because they have almost identical needs when it comes to a relationship.

They are both very keen on friendship and loyalty. Libra is happiest in a happy relationship when tempers are even and the mood peaceful. Scorpio is big on loyalty and enjoys working on joint projects.

Libra is an ideas person and can come up with any number of projects. Scorpio is patient and determined and will work hard to match wits with Libra and push their partner should laziness or procrastination rear its ugly head.

There will rarely if ever be much boredom with this couple. They both dislike sitting around doing nothing. They need to be careful in their romantic moves because Scorpio is more intense and secretive while Libra is upfront and open. Both need to understand that this is how the other works and in doing so will avoid any potential heated discussions.

It’s a heady mix with Libra being full of ideas and Scorpio being full of enthusiasm to give these ideas a try. They mix well together.