Sun Sign Compatibility for Scorpio Man And Aquarius

Scorpio Man & Aquarius Woman

This union can get tricky because neither sign is a soft touch. In fact both are determined characters will powerful wills and a solid ability to get things done. Persistence is a quality they both share. And being strong-willed, each tends to be at the front of the queue in the business of life. Neither will dominate but if they join forces they will make one very powerful love machine.

But these powerful types have plenty of opportunity to clash. Scorpio is often looking inward and concentrating on self while Aquarius is forever on the lookout for a crowd of admirers. They may not have a great deal in common but because they are so strong, if they turn their attention to one another, their strength can give their union a real boost.

Both have strong opinions and don’t mind expressing them. Both like others to do what they want to do with no questions asked. Scorpio likes to possess someone and Aquarius is more a free spirit and person of the world.

If Aquarius stops showing off and pays attention to Scorpio, both will make huge strides. It’s a matter of adapting a little to accommodate the other. When that happens, their romantic life can gain great impetus.

Being a couple of powerful operators, it is vital they attune to the needs and wishes of their partner. When two big hitters combine, the end result can be deeply satisfying for each partner.