Sun Sign Compatibility for Sagittarius Man And Virgo

Sagittarius Man & Virgo Woman

This couple has a lot going for them. They would rather agree than disagree. They are happy to go with the flow. They are good conversationalists and both being steady and reliable is a huge bonus in finding a mate and a lover.

They look at life from different directions but their natures are such that any problems are quickly overcome and plain sailing is nearly always the order of the day. Sagittarius is not short on energy levels and Virgo is a reliable and loyal homemaker. So the livelier Sagittarius can bring excitement to the relationship but the practical and more conservative Virgo offers stability and security. This is a fine balance with benefits for both signs.

They can entertain one another with ease and often prefer just their own company. They can discuss a subject with Virgo getting into detail and Sagittarius giving the overall impression. They complement one another in so many ways.

This pair has little trouble in switching ground and in finding genuine interest in what the other is doing. They are not possessive and they often allow the other to take on a new interest without feeling any pressure. They work together well or alone. It’s a terrific benefit to have such freedom yet respect in your partnership.

They each look at the world in their own way but they share a common goal of being happy and bringing happiness to the other.