Sun Sign Compatibility for Sagittarius Man And Scorpio

Sagittarius Man & Scorpio Woman

Security is the buzzword when these two signs come together. They both crave it and they both are able to provide it. But the danger to a long-lasting union is the speed with which they tackle things. Both these signs are quick off the mark and may have made mistakes before they learn what is going on with their new partner. Slow down – both of you.

Scorpio in particular is an intense and emotional type and Sagittarius loves excitement and anything new. Tread carefully and discover the type of person with whom they have struck up a new relationship. Both need to be patient and proceed with caution.

But this pair love adventure and are full of energy. If they find a common goal, travel and any project for that matter will be far more enjoyable. If it is the right idea, they work really well in having their adventure together.

Scorpio tends to look at things in a black and white fashion and fortunately Sagittarius is a flexible soul who can tolerate a more narrow approach to life.

But it is the security and the flexibility which will dominate their union. With these two characteristics to the fore, the pair will likely have a steamy and memorable romantic life together.