Sun Sign Compatibility for Sagittarius Man And Sagittarius

Sagittarius Man & Sagittarius Woman

There are several points which bode well for the health and happiness of this union. Sagittarius is an adaptable person/sign. They go with the flow. They are happier going along with others as opposed to being stubborn. Sagittarius is often on the go, a touch flamboyant and is said to lead somewhat of a charmed life.

Because Sagittarius loves the truth and is keen on knowledge and education, they have much to share and enjoy. Sometimes being obsessed with facts can lead to a debate getting over-heated but by and large their love for information is a binding factor in their partnership.

Because they are so easy-going and shun jealousy, they are what many call a perfect match. It is not that Sagittarius can’t lose their temper; they can. It is just that if and when they do, grudges are seldom held for long and life soon returns to its busy and interesting self.

This couple will often stand out in a crowd. They are a charming couple with charisma to burn. One possible weakness though is enjoying the good life a little too much and eating and drinking needs to be kept in check.

They can be a flirt and they are almost always open to suggestions desiring to please their partner. And it is this compatible nature which gives them so much appeal to others. Easy to live with and easy to love are two simple ways to describe Sagittarius.