Sun Sign Compatibility for Sagittarius Man And Pisces

Sagittarius Man & Pisces Woman

Great possibilities lie ahead for this pair with Sagittarius keen to tackle most, if not all projects and Pisces being the type of person who can resolve issues. They are both strong characters and if they combine and love equally, their combined power can be enormous.

To many they seem an odd match. Sagittarius is outward looking and a doer while Pisces tends to look inward and is less aggressive. But if each chooses to learn from the other, the heady mix is quite amazing.

Sagittarius will often feel compelled to protect the more retiring Pisces who has the ability to educate Sagittarius in the nuances and subtleties of life. Both will learn much from their partner and in so doing become a more settled and satisfied couple.

Going to places new together has great potential for their relationship. Sagittarius is a natural explorer and Pisces is keen on helping others even on saving the planet. They will both learn and grow through this travel together.

They will do well by concentrating less on their own needs and more on those of their partner. With this selfless approach they will become better and more loving individuals. With two such caring partners the combination is moving and very satisfying.