Sun Sign Compatibility for Sagittarius Man And Cancer

Sagittarius Man & Cancer Woman

At first glance this pair is quite a mis-match. But they can come good in their relationship if they give things the time and room to grow. Cancer is the home-loving, loyal and quiet person whereas Sagittarius tends to be the go out and have fun type always looking for a new thrill and awesome excitement.

That is not a good basis for a strong relationship but don’t be hasty. Take yout time. Cancer can be brought out of their shell and Sagittarius can find deep peace and happiness from a stable and loving home life.

The differences between them are stark. Cancer craves security and wants to stay at home. Sagittarius wants to travel and conquer new places and things. Cancer is keenly interested in personal matters whereas Sagittarius is not so keen.

For this pairing to work it needs imagination and understanding. Each must be aware of how the other operates and what their needs are. Then armed with this knowledge, they can plan together and make adjustments to put this relationship on a rock solid foundation.

If Cancer allows Sagittarius to be free, the latter will be overjoyed and want to come home to Cancer and the security and love in a warm and loving home. Help one another and the world is there to be enjoyed together.