Sun Sign Compatibility for Sagittarius Man And Aries

Sagittarius Man & Aries Woman

You will be hard pressed to find a better match than this pair this side of heaven. They are perfectly matched in so many ways. They love adventure and tackling new things. They don’t like so much to talk about things but rather they love to participate in things. They both crave action and activity.

These signs have the added bonus of often being great friends as well as successful lovers. Not many couples can achieve that relationship.

But having the same interests does not guarantee perfect harmony. They are likely to have accidents and upset one another. Fortunately, if this does happen, both signs are great at the old forgive and forget routine. Neither holds a grudge for long and is happy to move on to more exciting and challenging things.

Both are energetic which means life can be run at a frantic pace. Boredom doesn’t appeal to Aries but Sagittarius loves to gets things completed so again, they work brilliantly as a team.

Because both are extroverted, there is a simple way to make that behavior really fire. Aries wants to be first and dominate but Sagittarius wants to play a certain game. So let Aries rule the roost but only in the activity preferred by Sagittarius. Simple really.

If both are given space and freedom, there’s a good chance this is close to the perfect match.