Sun Sign Compatibility for Pisces Man And Taurus

Pisces Man & Taurus Woman

Now with Pisces being beautiful and/or sensual and with Taurus loving beauty and sensuality, what could be better than this couple in a romantic situation?

This can and should be one of the most fruitful partnerships in the Zodiac. But there are pitfalls. Both signs love the good life and over indulging and living to excess can bring about a messy and uncertain relationship. Keep your appetites in check and sail through life with a smile.

Having different emotional states can be perfect. Pisces is a dreamer and Taurus much more practical but because you both love harmony and peace and both are nurturers, the future is full of promise.

What a combination. Pisces has the hopes and dreams and Taurus has the stability and the down-to-earth practical way of getting things done.

Now whilst they both have emotional and caring thoughts, it’s important they keep their feet on the ground. With your head in the clouds, it’s possible to lose sight of the practical things in life.

Taurus needs to give Pisces the room to move, to dream and explore and if Taurus does do this, in return Pisces will be happy and a loyal friend and partner.

Pisces is a believer and a person of beliefs. If Taurus can appreciate this then together they will grow.