Sun Sign Compatibility for Pisces Man And Scorpio

Pisces Man & Scorpio Woman

When both partners share the same Element which, in this union, is Water, it helps in this and any partnership. It means that each has an insight into the thinking and feelings of the other. What a great foundation for any couple.

Both signs are intuitive and can pick up on the subtle nuances of others. Pisces is a dreamer and Scorpio has the ability to help turn dreams into reality. Pisces is a gentle soul and this kindly nature is much appreciated by Scorpio. Their traits are all strong and valuable ones with which to build a strong relationship.

In truth they can have completely different long-term goals but, in time, by getting to know their partner, can develop common goals and certainly assist one another in making their dreams come true.

Pisces seems to have been born to help bring people together and because Scorpio is a tenacious and energetic person, when combined the couple can have a marked impact on the lives of others. This is turn strengthens their own relationship.

When each is prepared to look for a compromise, they are on track to make their relationship a deep and abiding union. Their future then looks more rosy with every passing day.