Sun Sign Compatibility for Pisces Man And Pisces

Pisces Man & Pisces Woman

This could well be a match made in heaven as Pisceans are sensitive and emotional people. They are often spiritual by nature and love to form a deep emotional bond with their partner. Love is the greatest thing in the world according to Pisces and they love life and being in love. They are in many ways the perfect pair.

They are easygoing and adore peace. Sometimes they are so laid back they can be accused of being lazy or gullible and may even be criticized for this. If so their thin skin means they are hurt by critical remarks.

They can avoid trouble by simply wandering away in their dreams or physically depart the scene. But because they have this trance-like state of mind, they are naturally flexible and easy to befriend. They make excellent friends as well as lovers.

Pisces likes to give love and affection but even more to receive it. You cannot spoil Pisces who laps up attention and can always want more. Pisces is a caring soul and considers small treats for their partner to be a natural and normal thing to do.

Pisces is good at adapting to the needs and wishes of their partner. This sounds terrific but Pisces needs to be careful that they give so much to their partner that they lose sight of their own needs and desires.

Loyalty is top of the pops with Pisces and you will not find a more caring partner.