Sun Sign Compatibility for Pisces Man And Leo

Pisces Man & Leo Woman

In most cases, this pair finds it easy to love the other. Their differences make them attractive. Leo is hooked on the dreamy and mystical nature of Pisces who in turn is fascinated by the abundant energy and drive of the lion.

But this attraction can become a threat to their relationship. Leo won’t take kindly to the introspective nature of Pisces who cannot abide bullying and being pushed around. Avoid these traps and the couple can find great strength in their love and their different personalities and ideas.

It’s easy for Leo to lead and just as easy for Pisces to be a protective and supportive partner. In some ways they are poles apart but if they care for one another and learn from one another then their future is bound for bigger and better things.

Their natures are so different in that Leo is loud and Pisces more reserved. This seems like a dangerous mix but opposites definitely do attract and in this case make for a loving and all-round relationship.

Pisces is the dreamer of the universe but the fantasies can become reality if and when Leo uses their energy and drive to make things happen. When this occurs both get great satisfaction and the strength of their partnership just gets even stronger.