Sun Sign Compatibility for Libra Man And Sagittarius

Libra Man & Sagittarius Woman

This is close to a perfect pairing. Libra is a thinker, an intellectual with ideas and a love of fine things including the arts. Sagittarius has the travel bug and wants to go anywhere and do all manner of things. Together they form an enviable partnership of interesting and goal-getting people.

It’s a real advantage if lovers can also be friends and this pair is ideally suited in both friendship and love. When they travel because of Sagittarius and his or her fascination with new places, Libra is a brilliant companion being so knowledgeable in the arts and literature. It seems like their relationship is forever new because of their ideas and enthusiasm for doing things.

There is a nice balance of masculine and feminine in these signs and that further enhances the fine sense of balance which both enjoys in their desire for a fulfilled life.

If disagreements occur, and what couple doesn’t have at least the odd spat?, then these signs are big on forgive and forget. Their disagreements rarely last long.

Libra is an ideas person and can come up with all sorts of plans. Sometimes these plans may change at short notice but because Sagittarius is flexible and willing to change as the need arises, this pair is on a non-stop adventure of excitement and love.