Sun Sign Compatibility for Libra Man And Libra

Libra Man & Libra Woman

Is there a better match than two Libra signs in a romantic entanglement? They love peace and harmony, they are agreeable and easy to live with and they love the arts. What a jolly and fun-loving couple.

You are an elegant person in style and appearance; you take a balanced view on most things and enjoy books and the theatre. You are an excellent lover and the idea of being in love has great appeal.

You want to be admired and appreciated and can sometimes go over the top in seeking admiration. But you hate fighting and will do almost anything to avoid conflict and live a peaceful life in a peaceful world.

The happiest times for a Libra are when they find someone who shares their interest and affords them the joys of beautiful things. They spoil their partner and enjoy being spoilt in return. Rich food has a great attraction for a Libra person and as a result, a spot of laziness is often just about to happen – and does.

You are seldom going to be bored. You are seldom short of ideas and love to imitate things. Your brain is often your best asset and you love stimulating but civil conversations. If you can connect with another person of the same sign, you have every chance of a long and happy union and with plenty of diplomacy to tide you over any bumpy times.