Sun Sign Compatibility for Libra Man And Leo

Libra Man & Leo Woman

Leo is delighted by the elegance of Libra and Libra is enthralled by the strength and leadership of Leo thus making this a classical combination. People are so impressed with the appearance and style of this pair.

They are close in many ways and have this innate understanding of how the other thinks, works and plays. Their match is a perfect combination of opposites. Leo is brash and bold while Libra is reserved and stylish. Leo is upfront and full of boisterous energy while Libra is inclined towards peace and harmony. They often form a striking partnership.

If Leo is abrasive and acerbic then along comes Libra to smooth the troubled waters and bring peace and understanding to the situation. They form a fine balance between masculine and feminine and between energy and rest.

One interesting factor is the setting for their romance. Libra being sensitive and elegant will not take kindly to a harsh and unforgiving environment. It is important that the scenario and background for the romance is perfect.

It is important too that they work together because of their differing natures. Patience and understanding play an important role and for things to work both must yield a little of their brash or off-putting natures. When they do this pair is in for a long and loving relationship.