Sun Sign Compatibility for Libra Man And Gemini

Libra Man & Gemini Woman

This is an intellectual relationship to savor, a perfect meeting of the minds. The bright and breezy wit of the twin Gemini matches beautifully with the careful balance of Libra. Gemini loves ideas and the beauty of good thoughts while Libra loves beauty and art. This shared preference augurs well for a beautiful relationship.

Because both are thinkers there is no shortage of ideas. Maybe Gemini is a little less enthusiastic on getting the ideas into operation but that’s where Libra gives a great balance to the partnership, Libra is well organized and can put ideas into practice in next to no time at all.

Seeing these two are so beautifully matched, the chances are they will become fine friends as well as perfect lovers. Their romance is built on great respect and affection for one another.

Each needs to be aware that seeing a project through is important. Gemini often flits from one role to another and Libra has a habit of putting off what needs to be done. When each is aware of this characteristic, problems can be avoided.

There are potential pitfalls. Libra is not keen on a verbal fight so if Gemini wants the challenge of a hearty debate, it may be a bit one-sided.

Gemini is flexible and can adapt to the procrastination of Libra. But in the mind games department, they are perfectly matched.