Sun Sign Compatibility for Leo Man And Virgo

Leo Man & Virgo Woman

At first glance this seems like a fantastic pairing. Leo is the master or mistress and Virgo is the slave who loves to serve. So what could be more perfect? But there are real danger signs. Leo can scorch Virgo with its control and bossy bits while Virgo can smother Leo by being so practical and precise.

Leo is dominant and over-the-top while Virgo is studious, far more quiet and withdrawn. So how can their pairing work? Quite simply each needs to adjust. Once aware of the other’s needs and attitudes, by adapting to the other there can be great fire and harmony.

The one thing which often happens is that things take time to get going. This is not usually an instant love match so be prepared for some time to adjust to the other before love begins to blossom.

It is easy at first to see the faults in the other such as Leo being a tyrant and Virgo being so picky. Allow these times to pass and look for the good in your partner.

Leo can be a help to Virgo assisting them to stop being so critical. Virgo can show Leo how to calm down and learn to exercise restraint.

When this pair clicks the benefits are enormous. Leo is the strength and upfront persona while Virgo is practical and hard working person behind the scenes.