Sun Sign Compatibility for Leo Man And Taurus

Leo Man & Taurus Woman

Keep to an even keel because here we have two tough, determined characters who do not take kindly to losing. It’s a strong person and another strong person. But then both take kindly to being praised and having their ego stroked. So if they can concentrate on the loving and less on the win-at-all-costs, things should be just fine and dandy.

It is because they have needs, desires and gifts which are quite alike that they are able to understand and help one another. But one characteristic they share is being stubborn so if the heels get dug in, rows and disappointments can begin and grow.

They have a happy mix of masculine and feminine traits and when on song this couple can hit all the high notes. They are both ambitious but in different ways. Leo is keen on more than their fifteen minutes of fame while Taurus wants security and stability in love.

This can bring on the fights. The only way to avoid disputes or to curtail them is to show to the other that the most important thing is their relationship. Being open and honest with their partner will go a long way to making this pair enjoy a happy and lasting union.

There is often no dominant partner just a lot of mutual admiration.