Sun Sign Compatibility for Leo Man And Scorpio

Leo Man & Scorpio Woman

When they click they click but both signs are pretty well matched for courage and determination. Neither will give ground easily and conflict is always just around the corner. If they get their loving right, the result is wonderful and long lasting.

They have interesting good points which can only help their relationship. They are both loyal and possessive of the other. They also have a good ability to understand their partner. This means they are able to give to the other what the other wants and needs. That alone means there is a terrific potential for this pairing to hit it off big time.

Scorpio can be jealous at times and with Leo hogging the limelight there is the chance that something might crack. But with understanding they should be able to sort out the source of the problem and make things right.

Because both like to lead but in different ways there is the possibility that they will nullify the other and even cancel out their leadership ambitions.

There is an abundance of upfront brashness and energy with these two. Even war is not far from the surface. It is important to channel their energy and deflect any solo-minded ambitions so that they exist peacefully rather than be at loggerheads on a regular basis.

You have two very powerful individuals and if they clash, they clash but if they love, they do so with great glee and satisfaction.