Sun Sign Compatibility for Leo Man And Sagittarius

Leo Man & Sagittarius Woman

An interesting pairing if ever there was with both having loads of energy. This couple is not backward in coming forward and has fun and energy to burn. The best part is they naturally appreciate and enjoy the company of the other. This is a great starting point for any relationship.

A subtle difference is that Leo jumps right in and wants to be the leader and life of the party from the beginning while Sagittarius will take their time before making their pitch.

Sagittarius can be a little rough around the edges and Leo is good at smoothing out these imperfections. Sagittarius is a more spiritual person than Leo and this can help add depth to the boisterous nature of the lion.

Their loyalty to one another is a huge plus. Sure they have weaknesses but their loyalty will keep them together and when they warm to one another, the future prediction of a long and lasting happiness is almost guaranteed.

Their greatest strength though is their desire and ability to work together. They see both the world and their intimate moments as being of equal importance and this shared vision and joint dedication is what makes this couple an interesting and powerful union.