Sun Sign Compatibility for Leo Man And Pisces

Leo Man & Pisces Woman

Interesting if nothing else is a good word to describe this pairing. Dull moments are few and far between when these two hedonistic and lively characters declare they are an item. They are both highly motivated and enjoy the chase. Fireworks are primed and often explode when these two start any form of courting ritual.

It’s easy for one to challenge or inspire the other and it’s often a case of who will throw down the gauntlet next.

They are individuals though and don’t always see eye to eye. Leo likes the ideas of Aquarius who in turn is turned on by the charm and zeal of the lion.

The secret to avoiding any clashes or allowing any differences to continue is communication. Letting the other know what they want or what they don’t want is the best and possibly the only way to avoid pitfalls.

When they fire they really fire. Aquarius has the imagination and Leo the energy and so off they go into a wonderland of delight. Both signs are multi-talented and there is no shortage of suggestions or energy when it comes to getting things done. Up, up and way is the norm for this lively and sparkling couple.

They are a magical couple who regularly make magic together.