Sun Sign Compatibility for Leo Man And Leo

Leo Man & Leo Woman

You can hit it off almost immediately with a Leo. You are the boss, the cheerleader and the head of the pack. That means you love adoration and respect. So if you think smart you will flatter your beau and not stint on the applause. That’s how to impress a Leo.

You are the king of the jungle and naturally attract a lot of attention. Everyone stops and stares when two Leo signs announce they are an item and ready to go.

But there are danger points. Each needs to be admired. Each needs to enjoy the finer things in life. Each needs to be the center of attention. Provide these things or allow these situations to develop and you will have one happy Leo. Make that two happy Leos.

As a lover, Leo is a passionate and wonderful creature. But it can be a hit or miss situation. If the loving is good it will be fantastic. If not, things can get fiery in a not so nice way. To make everything work in this partnership requires both parties to exercise control to perhaps pull back a little. By giving a little ground, each Leo will receive far more in return.

When a Leo and a Leo pair hit it off, they will enjoy one of the longest and best relationships you will find.