Sun Sign Compatibility for Leo Man And Gemini

Leo Man & Gemini Woman

There is a lot going for this pair. Leo is a creative person with lots of get up and go. Gemini is bright and breezy with a mind which thrives on stimulating others and being stimulated. This combination can produce a fascinating partnership.

But there are problems. Leo will not take kindly to Gemini being an over-the-top and outrageous flirt. If they keep things in order then away they can go and if Gemini reckons Leo is being bossy and trying to run the relationship, problems will occur.

These signs are not the stay at home with a good book type. They love life. They are not afraid to express their mind but Leo is more inclined to be deadly serious whereas Gemini can see the lighter side of the issues.

Leo may want to roar in public and in private but both needs to be aware of the different approaches each takes to get the same result. Gemini has a wicked sense of humor and that’s not surprising when there may be two Gemini personalities in the one person.

The main reason this couple can make their union work is because they are young at heart in all they do. Free thinkers and explorers with a real zest for life can bring them great happiness.