Sun Sign Compatibility for Leo Man And Capricorn

Leo Man & Capricorn Woman

This can be a tricky relationship. Each has flaws which the other may not notice at first because of their immediate and powerful attraction to the other. The problem may be that once the initial passion subsides, each may concentrate on what they believe is the other’s weaknesses. So it is passionate and powerful at first followed by finger-pointing and critical comments.

Once they switch from being critical to studying the good points of one another, their love and respect can begin to grow. Leo is the more aggressive and boisterous character with Capricorn more conservative although neither dislikes being in the spotlight.

Leo is the good time person and Capricorn the hard worker and supporter of traditional values. Both have much to offer the other. The energy of Leo and the steadfast nature of Capricorn can make for a heady mix.

Leo likes to be out there and doing their own thing while Capricorn is keen on hard work and taking responsibility. If they learn from each other, then the sky is the limit. They are diverse characters but combined, the sum of the parts makes for a very interesting whole.

On the surface they appear to be unsuited but both enjoy the good things life has to offer and when they combine and learn from the other, things can really begin to happen.